Qik Objects is a collaborative platform for lost and found items

Founded in february 2016, Qik Objects let objects finders connect with the owners and therefore organize the delivery of the items.

The Qik Platform is accessible through our responsive web site and via Qikobot, the only existing chatbot for lost and found.

Thanks to our partnerships with city halls, transportation companies or events organisations, we can offer you several opportunities through one and unique access.

Our service is access free and we only collect transaction fee whenever there is a match in our database meaning you have find your object.

L’accès au service est gratuit et nous nous finançons grâce aux frais de mises en relation prélevés lorsqu’un objet a été retrouvé ainsi qu’aux solutions de gestion que nous proposons aux entreprises.

Qik Objects is a #TechForGood platform, sustainable and accessible to all.