Q. How much does it cost?

A. Zero, nothing, nada. The access to the platform is free. You will be charged if and only if you find your lost item.

Q. Is the service available worldwide?

A. Absolutely. The platform is open to everybody et connect finders and losers wherever they are located on planet earth.

Q. How do I get back my item?

A. Once your item is found, you can organize its delivery through one of our partners. Currently we have an agreement going with UPS, Colissimo et Deliver’ee but other will be available soon.

Q. I dont know where I did lose my item. Is it important?

A. Not at all. But the more precise you are the more likely you will find your object.

Q. I did find an item. What fees do I have to pay?

A. Again, zero, nothing, nada. You just have won tons of Karma and all charges are paid by the owner of the item.

Q. Does it work with pets and humans?

A. Mmm. No.

Q. Great! This idea is super cool! How can I help you?! 

A. For now, you can begin by sharing the info on FacebookTwitter or any other social media you know!